Referees Rumors

Dan Woike: Refs say Schroder was ejected for taunting. Question: “Zach, you called the first double technical there, what happened between Dennis [Schroder] and Kyrie [Irving]?” Zach Zarba: “Schroder and Irving went nose to nose, verbally taunting each other and had to be separated. So at that time, once I had to separate them, I gave them double technical fouls.”
Question: “The second one is where we’re a little confused. It looked like Tyler [Ford] called the one on Kyrie and Jason [Goldenberg] called the one on Schroder. What happened there that was away from you on the other side of the court? Zach Zarba: “After being assessed the first technical fouls, both players were warned again to move on. And so when Irving couldn’t stop yelling at Schroder, he was then assessed his second technical foul and ejected. And after Irving’s ejection, if you look at the video, Schroder kind of waves goodbye to him in a taunting manner, and that’s why he was issued a second technical foul and ejected.” Question: “So [Schroder’s] was not for words, it was for taunting?” Zach Zarba: “Correct. Schroder, the second one was for waving goodbye, that’s a taunt.”