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Minnesota native Kenny Mauer is one of three former NBA referees suing the league on a claim that they were suspended or fired for failing to follow the NBA’s COVID-19 vaccinate mandate despite requesting religious and/or medical exemptions. “I just think it’s time that people find out how ridiculous some of these reasons are for denying these exemptions. I’ve been a Catholic and a Christian since I was born,” Mauer said Tuesday on WCCO-AM 830. “I never thought that having a faith in our Lord Jesus Christ would prevent me from refereeing NBA basketball games but it has.”

Mike Budenholzer not happy with officiating

HoopsHype: Mike Budenholzer not happy with the officiating: “I just think sometimes the hits that Giannis is taking, the league needs to look at them. The league needs to protect him.”

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Three former NBA referees sued the league in the Southern District of New York on Saturday, claiming the NBA violated Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and NY and NYC’s human rights laws in rejecting their requests for a religious exemption from taking a COVID-19 vaccine. Mark Ayotte, Ken Mauer and Jason Phillips, who collectively had more than 70 years of experience refereeing, demand a jury trial. They seek more than $100,000 in damages that would reflect front and back pay as well as compensation for “reputational damages and for emotional pain and suffering.”