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Dillon Brooks on officials: They're picking on me every night

Dillon Brooks, playing on his 27th birthday, was unsure why he was called for a flagrant foul on the play by the officials. “They’re picking on me every night,” Brooks said. “Can’t play my game. Not letting me play physical enough. It’s every night, and I don’t appreciate it.” The Grizzlies lost their second consecutive game in a 112-110 decision to the Suns. Brooks had 10 points and five fouls.
Green said he thought Daniels signaled for timeout before the five seconds were up. “I didn’t necessarily get an explanation,” Green said. “I was too busy yelling at the referees. We all talked about it in the timeout that we know we have one timeout. If you can’t get it in, use it. I saw Dyson turn to him and call timeout.”