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Reggie Theus Rumors

Ray: Can you name an all-star five for the Kings from your years with the team, as well as an opponents’ all-star five? Gary Gerould: For the Kings, I have to include Mitch Richmond, Chris Webber and Peja Stojaković. I probably have to include DeMarcus Cousins. I know that is frontline-heavy and I have not done justice to guards. I thought about Reggie Theus; I thought about Mike Bibby; I thought about Kevin Martin. In view of the success that the Kings had in that eight season run where Bibby was involved, I would make him probably the fifth guy. So Richmond, Stojaković, Webber, Cousins, Bibby is the five that I would go with.
Reggie Theus says HE’S the reason Michael Jordan is what he is today … and he’s waiting on Bulls fans to finally respect that — telling TMZ Sports, “I’m looking for a check actually.” The former NBA star was leaving LAX when he explained to us that if it weren’t for him, the ’90s Bulls might have never been a thing. “I take a lot of credit for their success,” Reggie says. “Because, if we weren’t so bad, they would have never gotten Michael Jordan.”