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“His agent Rich Kleiman was as white as a ghost. “The NBA just changed, the NBA just changed. Next year there’s teams crawling all over themselves to get Durant; there’s going to be this pecking order, there’s teams making trades to clear salary cap space, the thought was that he was going to be available on the market. “In addition to this series, the entire NBA just changed tonight.”
Durant had scrapped two agents before Kleiman, who was with Roc Nation and had a background in repping musicians. Together, they inked a $300 million deal with Nike and expanded Durant’s investment portfolio to include tech companies in Silicon Valley. Durant is now Kleiman’s only client. “He was going to his third agent. So when you’re at that point, no matter how much success he’s having in his career, clearly he wasn’t equipped to build a business,” Kleiman said. “If you’re on your third agent, you’re still figuring it out, right? There’s been an evolution and I came from my own background in business and have a bit of different journey to get us together. And Kevin had his own journey to get to this place. But I think what hit for us is when we started doing what we wanted to do.”
In an interview with Jason Gay of the Wall Street Journal, Durant’s manager Rich Kleiman admitted that he has no idea if the All-Star forward will recover in time for the NBA Finals. He hinted that Durant’s injury is serious, saying that KD only misses time when the “injury is real.” Do I believe? I don’t know. I honestly hope so,” Kleiman said. “He’s got about the highest pain threshold of someone I know, so when he misses time, it’s because the injury is real.”
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Durant’s manager, Rich Kleiman, told Wall Street Journal’s Jason Gay that contrary to other reports the Warriors forward is “100 percent undecided” on where he is playing next year. “That is 100 percent undecided and I’m waiting on Kevin and that’s the truth,” he said. “I think there’s a feeling this thing is like war games and everybody is playing chess years out, but when somebody gets to the level of basketball like that you can’t juggle focus like that … I think it’s frustrating, honestly, at times.”
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