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Rich Kleiman Rumors

Kleiman caught wind of Kerr’s controversial comments and decided to jump in on the action on social media. He did not say much though, but the two emojis he used made it clear that he does not exactly agree with Kerr here. Former Warriors player Matt Barnes also chimed in on the discussion and he too is on the same boat as Kleiman. Needless to say, there are a lot of people out there who believe that the Nets will never ever trade Kevin Durant.
“As a life-long sports fan, it’s been incredible to watch how tech has changed the way we trade memorabilia and created a revamped culture around trading cards,” said Rich Kleiman, another new SportStock investor and co-founder of Durant’s Thirty Five Ventures. “There is an immense opportunity to take sports memorabilia to the masses.”
Appearing on The Boardroom podcast with Rich Kleiman, Rivers said he felt Durant would sign with the Knicks after his three-year run with the Golden State Warriors to become “the king of New York City.” “Early on, I was like, ok, Rich is from New York, [Durant] can be the King of New York City, I got a feeling KD is going to the Knicks,” Rivers said on The Boardroom podcast. “Listen, I’m in the league and I actually thought that so you know everybody else thought it as well.”