Rich Paul Rumors

In case the NCAA is keeping tabs, Rich Paul is eligible to produce music. The head of the powerhouse agency Kluch Sports will make his producer debut on rapper Fat Joe’s upcoming album, “Family Ties,” which is scheduled for release on Friday, Dec. 6. Among a tracklist featuring heavy-hitters Eminem, Lil Wayne and Cardi B, Paul received production credits on the song titled, “Hands On You,” alongside Boi-1da, who most notably produced smash hits for Drake.
The fallout was multi-layered. Morris and his agent, Rich Paul, parted ways. The Spurs were reportedly pissed at the Knicks for poaching their signing. The Knicks, according to sources, felt justified because they believed the Spurs tampered with Kristaps Porzingis while he was still under contract.
Acting on behalf of his client, Rich Paul had all but made the decision for the Pelicans. He signaled to any other interested trade partners — i.e. the Boston Celtics, who sources say coveted the big man for years — that Davis would walk as a free agent in the summer of 2020 if they dealt for him. “The last thing you want to do is put a GM in a situation where he trades away an asset and then the guy walks out the door,” Paul says. “Like, you can’t do business that way. So, it’s not really a hard conversation to have. “And I don’t think it stopped Danny Ainge from trying. It’s just that maybe he didn’t have the deal [he wanted]. He wasn’t willing to give up the young players, which I don’t blame him. I wouldn’t give them up either, if the guy is not going to re-sign back.”
2 months ago via ESPN