Rich Paul Rumors

Meanwhile, Adam Silver things that Paul is doing things just fine. Speaking on The Jump this week, the NBA commissioner said that the Klutch Sports head honcho is a perfect example of how someone outside of the normal college-to-agency path can succeed. Via The Jump: “I think Rich has more than demonstrated that he’s a professional negotiator, and that he’s a highly-trained and competent agent. I think the best way would be to say there are exceptions that can be made and he’s a perfect example of that.”
Storyline: Rich Paul Rule
“I didn’t even know all about Rich’s background until I read a long feature on him in Sports Illustrated recently. I knew a little bit about his background and how he met LeBron [James] and their other group that work together… but it’s a classic sort of American rags to riches story, in essence. What he’s overcome in his life — difficult circumstances — and be the success he is today demonstrates that there are other paths to success. A traditional one is through college, but certainly for the league, and I can’t speak for the NCAA, we want to ensure people from all walks of life can be successful in our system.”
Sirius XM NBA: The “Rich Paul Rule” may have changed, but the controversy remains. Rich Paul’s client Darius Garland weighs in on the “target on his back” and why he’s “the greatest agent ever”

Rich Paul: To be honest, I have no idea whether the NCAA adopted the new rule specifically because of my work with Darius Bazley, as people have speculated, or if it is because they know there are more and more people like me fighting for their chance and challenging this antiquated system. The harmful consequences of this decision will ricochet onto others who are trying to break in. NCAA executives are once again preventing young people from less prestigious backgrounds, and often people of color, from working in the system they continue to control. In this case, the people being locked out are kids who aspire to be an agent and work in the NBA and do not have the resources, opportunity or desire to get a four-year degree.
Storyline: Rich Paul Rule