Rick Carlisle Rumors

According to Carlisle, Mavericks GM Donnie Nelson envisioned as much well before Dallas acquired Doncic in a 2018 NBA draft-night trade that sent Trae Young to Atlanta. “Donnie told me flat out he was going to be the best in that draft, and it wasn’t close,” Carlisle said. “That’s how he felt about it. We’re thrilled that we’ve had the chance to get him to Dallas and work with him. He’s worked hard. Each week he’s gotten better and better and better and going forward, I’m watching his workload closely, his minutes, those kinds of things. It’s important that we look out for him, too.”
Coach Rick Carlisle agreed with his team’s 20-year-old star. “I was upset, too, but I’m not going to spend 50 grand to criticize,” Carlisle said. “It just doesn’t make sense. These are hard games. I don’t know what else to say. They’re hard games, and they’re very emotional. It’s tough. It’s tough when you think you’re getting hit and the whistle’s not blowing.”