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Rick Welts Rumors

After a decade with the Warriors, which included winning three championships and building a privately financed arena in San Francisco, Welts is stepping down at the end of the month. Ever modest, Welts looked almost embarrassed during his going-away party as he was shown a bobblehead in his likeness, presented with a jersey, and told that his name would be added to the medallions along the franchise’s Walk of Fame next season. Walker was there to hand over a 240-page, leather-bound book that details Welts’ career with glossy newspaper clips and photos. The book is about the size of most coffee tables, because that is what it takes to mention all of the highlights. “It’s a scrapbook deluxe,” Walker said, “and even that doesn’t begin to say how wise and revolutionary he is.”
It was 2019 and Stone was ready for change. She found one in San Francisco. As she tells it, she could have stayed in Miami for another 23 years and been content. However, she wanted a challenge, she wanted a “second chapter” in her professional life. Additionally, the opportunity to be in on the ground floor of the opening of a state-of-the-art arena that sits on 11 acres and shares joint ventures is something Stone saw as “once in a lifetime.” Lastly, the chance to work for executive Rick Welts, a well-respected businessman and the NBA’s first openly gay executive, was an experience Stone felt she couldn’t pass up.
Stone spent nearly three decades accruing numerous accolades and building up some of the most successful franchises in recent NBA history. All of that, though, she hopes pales in comparison to the message her story sends. “You have to know your values in life,” Stone says. “You have to make sure you’re true to those. That’s how I think you achieve what’s important to you in life. You can find a way to make it happen. I went and got married in Canada, I was going to have a son no matter what. Those things are important. I want people to know it’s worked for me, and it may not work for everybody, but if you value who you are and try to work along those lines, I tend to think things will work out for you.”