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Rico Hines Rumors

As is always the case ahead of the NBA draft and free agency, the rumour mill has been churning, including with some unverified talk that Toronto has been looking to move Siakam. Maybe we’re reaching here and in four days this will look like a wild take, but bringing in Watson doesn’t seem like an addition a team looking to deal Siakam would make.
This is Hines’ first season with the Kings, but he is hardly new to working with the best basketball players in the world. His sessions at UCLA over the past few summers have become where players need to be if they want to get in some serious work in the offseason and not settle for random pickup basketball. James Harden, Kevin Durant and Pascal Siakam are a small sampling of players who work with Hines. The Kings’ Marvin Bagley III and Buddy Hield are also among those who take part in this generation’s famed UCLA runs, ones which were once dominated by the likes of Magic Johnson.