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Riley Demps Rumors

The Utah Jazz are trying to continuously push themselves to the edge of innovation. In September, they launched a “groundbreaking” NFT program, which allowed access to a first-of-its-kind virtual locker room and meet-and-greet with Jazz Owner Ryan Smith. The NFTs sold out within 90 minutes. Now, Riley Demps, Qualtrics’ NFT project manager, promised that the NFT program would not be a one-time opportunity, and Jazz SVP of communications Frank Zang said phase two of the NFT program is coming soon. On March 1, the Jazz announced that the team had partnered with CoinZoom, which is now the exclusive NFT marketplace for the Jazz.
That has been the emphasis for the Jazz — finding new ways to bring in fans and get them involved. In October, the Jazz streamed a live practice via Zoom to fans from 44 countries and 42 states. Last month, the team hit 2.1 million followers on TikTok, the second-most among any NBA franchise (the Warriors are first with 3.7 million). Jazz Bear, Utah’s mascot, has more followers than 10 NBA franchises.