RJ Hampton Rumors

Chase Hughes: RJ Hampton says he’s working out regularly with Penny Hardaway and Mike Miller in Memphis. Hampton went to play pro in New Zealand instead of college. He says he has interviewed with the Kings, Thunder, Pistons, Suns, Blazers, Knicks, Bulls.
Storyline: Draft Interviews
RJ Hampton had a video call with Knicks executives and scouts a few weeks ago. The call included team president Leon Rose and senior and executive vice president William “World Wide Wes” Wesley. Hampton hoped to get a clear message across to New York during the interview. “I was a projected Top 5 pick last year. I went overseas, I learned a lot, I didn’t have superior numbers and I was kind of forgotten about,” Hampton said in an interview with SNY. “The message that I was trying to get across is, ‘I’m still that same player. I’m still that player that can get you 20-25 points, 6-7 assists, be that lead guard and a franchise changer.’”
In Hampton’s case, that means they haven’t seen him play in more than seven months. For much of that time, the 19-year-old guard has been working with former NBA sharpshooter Mike Miller on his perimeter shot. Hampton and Miller have spent countless hours training together in Memphis, working on everything from Hampton’s base to pulling up in transition. For Hampton, who skipped college to play in New Zealand, this is the equivalent of getting your PhD in perimeter shooting. “Mike’s a proven shooter, one of the best shooters of all time. So when you get to work with somebody like that, on a consistent, weekly basis, it’s great,” Hampton said. According to Miller, the results have been encouraging.