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Rob Pelinka Rumors

Darvin Ham addresses trade rumors

The Lakers will continue to make calls and do their due diligence in looking for ways to improve the team, Ham said. If a trade takes place, or not, Rob Pelinka, the team’s vice president of basketball operations and general manager, will put in the work. “Rob and the crew in the front office, everyone collaborating trying to see what needs can be filled,” Ham said. “If there are special talents out there that can enhance our chances to get us to where we’re trying to get to, that’s great. But until something is done, it’s all hearsay, all rumor, innuendo. Again, we don’t play fantasy basketball. When it’s real, it’s real. When it’s not, we don’t pay attention to it.”
With the trade deadline looming, the next couple of weeks will finally reveal how the organization truly views the team’s chances of competing this season. “We have now a stretch of hopefully a couple weeks before the trade deadline where we’ll get a chance to hopefully get healthy with guys like Austin Reaves, Lonnie Walker and Anthony Davis coming back into the mix for us,” Pelinka said. “And we expect to play very, very hard in those games and hopefully continue to win at a high clip.”
Clutch Points: “If there’s an opportunity to get all the way to the end and win a championship, there’s no resource we’ll hold onto if we feel like that’s there.” Rob Pelinka on the Lakers’ potentially trading their 1st round picks as the trade deadline nears. (via @TomerAzarly)