Rob Pelinka Rumors

Los Angeles Lakers guard Troy Daniels had an interesting take during Media Day, noting his signing with the purple-and-gold was a no-brainer since general manager Rob Pelinka called, given that the Golden State Warriors had surgical changes in their roster. “When Rob Pelinka called, it was a no-brainer for me,” said Daniels. “Golden State is kind of dismantled and I was getting ready to leave for a while and I think we have a chance to win championships here.”
However, very few have gotten the opportunity to have that conversation with Ledger considering he died shortly before the movie’s release. As such, Pelinka’s story raised plenty of eyebrows and questions. It seemed he either made it up or got some details incredibly mixed up. This week, during an appearance on Quentin Richardson and Darius Miles’ podcast “Knuckleheads,” Bryant finally provided some clarity. Kobe explained that he never actually met with Ledger, but he was inspired by the way he approached his role as The Joker and used that as inspiration for his big night at MSG. “I had to find that space. I didn’t go out to dinner in New York. I stayed in my room. This is actually the story Rob told, that he got confused about, the Heath Ledger stuff. Because I stayed up watching Batman, and watching Heath Ledger. And then I went and started researching about Heath Ledger, and how he got into character and how he just became all-consuming. That inspired me to go into my Garden mode. When I go in there I don’t want to say hi to the gen—I don’t want say hi to these people—I don’t wanna talk to nobody. Everybody leave me alone.”