Robert Frazier Rumors

It wasn’t unusual, but certainly was notable, that Bryant spent a good bit of time after Sunday’s game catching up with two power brokers who make such things happen from coast to coast in the NBA: William “World Wide Wes” Wesley, the CAA operative who has sunk his influence deeply into the Knicks, and Robert “Bay” Frazier, Anthony’s business manager.
This is where it gets tricky. If all those services were provided because Frazier was a family friend, they would be legal. If they were made because Selby was a basketball star, then it’s an NCAA infraction. The NCAA deemed it was the latter. The NCAA, however, stopped short of saying that Selby could no longer have contact with Frazier. Despite the small trouble Selby had to go through because of his close relationship with Frazier, he’s a figure that isn’t going away soon. Said Witherspoon following the NCAA’s ruling: “Robert Frazier is not going anywhere. I’ve known him my entire life.” One thing’s for sure: All eyes are going to be on Frazier for the next couple years. Is he another William Wesley, someone that rides a prep phenom (in Wesley’s case, Dajuan Wagner) to become an NBA power broker that works behind the scenes on the most important transactions in basketball? Or is he only interested in remaining a mentor to Anthony and Selby who eventually be viewed as a surrogate father like the Tuohy family in the movie, “The Blind Side”?