Robert Sarver Rumors

McDonough said he expects to reach out to potential candidates sometime later this month or early April. He and Vice President of Basketball Operations James Jones will conduct the search, but McDonough said he’ll also receive player input and that Managing General Partner Robert Sarver will be involved as “much or as little as he wants.”
Robert Sarver: We’re going to add another really good young player. I think we’re in a position where we can turn the corner, but if we don’t execute properly in terms of free agency and we don’t develop the players and we don’t execute in terms of our draft, then it’s going to be another tough year. So I think it’s a year of opportunity, but a year for us to step up and make some good decisions.
When you promoted Earl Watson to full-time coach you didn’t interview any other candidates. Will that change this time around? Robert Sarver: Yeah. We’re going to cast a much wider net. Q: Including college coaches? A: I don’t want to answer that. Q: Would it be imperative that a candidate has some head-coaching experience? A: That’s not for me to answer.
Storyline: Suns Coaching Job
Suns Managing General Partner Robert Sarver told azcentral sports Thursday that he has “zero interest” in selling the team. Sarver’s comment came in response to a note item in the Washington Post in which an NBA writer said, “There are already rumblings around the league that Robert Sarver, who bought the team from Jerry Colangelo for $401 million in 2004, is looking to cash out.” “There’s zero accuracy to that story,” Sarver said. “Zero. I have zero interest in selling.”