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Roger Federer Rumors

Around noon on Thursday, Parker, who grew up in France, confirmed that playing basketball isn’t a regular part of his current physical fitness regimen. Instead, he plays tennis at least three times a week. “I can definitely play. I can hit the ball and stuff like that, because I’ve been playing every vacation,” said Parker, who cited Roger Federer as his favorite tennis player because he plays the game “so smooth,” a phrase he suggested describes how he played hoops. He added: “Every summer, I don’t play basketball. I’ll play different sports, especially tennis and volleyball.”
Ginobili is 40 years old and will be 41 when the next season starts. He seems to be unsure about whether to continue playing, but according to Kerr he should continue and he mentioned Federer’s success as an extra motivation. ‘Keep going, okay. Why not?’, Kerr told Ginobili after that Warriors defeated Spurs in the NBA playoffs on Tuesday night to complete a 4-1 first-round series defeat. ‘We met Roger Federer this year in China. I said, “Why do you keep playing?” He said, “I love it.” If you love it, keep going. What the hell. You remind me of him.’ Kerr was referring to Federer attending the pre-season match between Warriors and Minnesota Timberwolves in Shanghai in October 2017 before the Shanghai Open started.