Roham Gharegozlou Rumors

USA TODAY: Would Top Shot ever consider becoming involved in the marketplace, whether that involves setting or raising prices? Roham Gharegozlou: “No, I don’t think so. It’s a free market. There’s a lot of collectors now. There’s no individual that’s sort of exerting undue influence. We think it’s working really well. We see our role as picking new content and releasing new content into the ecosystem. Obviously, challenges are going to continue. We are playing around with new and creative ways to do challenges, including things that sort of layer into each other – so you need the results of one to go into the other. We’re also looking at ways – like, pack drops are so in-demand, can we reward collectors? Maybe you need to complete a common challenge to get into a rare or legendary drop. We’re playing around with those ideas. But nothing locked in yet in terms of genesis options or specifics there.”
USA TODAY: Would be there ever be a gambling aspect in Top Shot, as the legal sports betting industry becomes more popular? Roham Gharegozlou: “I think we’d prefer that others build that – so, third-parties – with the NFTs. You can already do that. OTC bets, I’ll bet your NFT versus mine … so I’d love to see others try that. We don’t consider ourselves a gambling company. We’re just focusing on making the best moments, delivering them fairly to collectors and letting the market take care of it from there. The fact these are NFTs, people can do stuff like that, build apps on top of it. That gives them more functionality. But not everybody should be forced to interact with that. If you don’t want to do it, no problem. If you do, we’re not going to stop you. In fact, we can’t.”