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Ron Adams Rumors

“We talk a lot about team culture and the environment that we have with the Warriors and the environment that Steve (Kerr) had the foresight to embark on. And I think last year in many ways was, really, the culmination of the other five years. From what I saw exhibited on the part of the players, the coaches, the environment was healthy, it was vibrant. You know, we weren’t as irreverent as we were the first five years, because we had young players. It was a slightly different environment in that regard. But all the tenets were in play. I thought Steve did a wonderful job in guiding this group. It was a shock for Steve, too, because he’d never gone through a season like this. But I really feel this season in some ways, from a lot of standpoints, was one that any coach could take great pride in.
“Sometimes you have to do that during a tough season. You look at how your culture holds up, you look at how you perform, you look at your consistency, you look at the consistency of the guys going through this. You know me, I’m a pretty old-school guy, but I was really pleased with what I saw. I think it’s a real tribute to our leadership, in particular Steve and Bob (Myers) and the atmosphere that Steve continued on this season.”
Ron Adams has, in short, seen enough of Curry to develop a theory behind what disguises his internal inferno. “He’s a human being who lives his life with great joy,” Adams said this week. “He plays with great joy. The way he does it — and I’m not saying others haven’t or can’t — is really unique. He’s an outlier. That’s who he is and how he lives his life. He exemplifies the things that a good human being should possess.”
Ron Adams: “But he is (on the court) guided by his will to succeed, his will to win. And, more than that, his will to do it his way. That’s not unlike Jordan and the other great players. Steph is playing in a different era, with different defensive rules, but the way he is wired, he would have adjusted to any time period. His drive is very similar to all the great players that have played the game.”
Storyline: Old School vs. New School
But what has Kerr learned? If he says this experience has helped him become better at his job, where exactly has he grown? “Details,” Kerr said. “Fundamental details. I’m seeing deficiencies where, with our last team, they just automatically made up for a mistake by making four straight 3s and blowing a game open. I’m now forced to figure out what the deficiency is and how to solve it. So I’m relying more on Mike Brown and Ron Adams for that. Both guys are more detailed than I am as a coach.”