Rudy Tomjanovich Rumors

Popovich then will explain why Rudy Tomjanovich deserves induction. “I wonder every year why he is not in the Hall of Fame,” Popovich said recently. “This is a guy with basketball in his blood. As a player, he was relentless and tough. Any coach would want to have him on his team or her team. Then he was successful (as a coach) and built a great program in Houston. He won championships. He won back-to-back championships. And he’s an Olympic gold medalist. Plus, he’s a great guy. “I see other people going into the Hall of Fame and wonder when his name is going to come up. I thought it should have come up way back when. Hopefully, it will happen sooner rather than later.”
“Don’t get me started on the Hall of Fame,” Clippers coach Doc Rivers said before Friday’s game against the Spurs at AT&T Center. “Why is it that college coaches — and nothing against the college coaches — but they’re coaching and they’re Hall of Fame coaches? Why isn’t Pop in the Hall? Well, he has his own reasons. But Rudy T isn’t in the Hall? That’s a joke, just a complete joke. In college, if you win two national titles, you can lose every game for the rest of your career and you still get to go to the Hall of Fame.”