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Mark Cuban wants change to charging rule

Sports Illustrated: The NBA’s charge/block rules don’t make sense anymore in a league where speed and athleticism are greater than they’ve ever been, writes @Herring_NBA. Mark Cuban: Move the circle further away from the basket. Taking it an extra foot away from the hoop would reduce to take charges on drives dramatically. I’ve asked. Obviously nothing has changed.
It remains to be seen which path the target score will ultimately take. Not everyone, though, is a fan of such an idea. “I like it for the All-Star Game,” Mitchell said. “I don’t know about the actual game. “I think with the clock and you have to manage the game, think things out, I think it’s one of those things that has been part of the game for 75 years, so I don’t think we should change it.” “I don’t like that idea,” Embiid said, of implementing it outside of the All-Star Game. “I prefer that there’s some type of time, and you go from there.”
The success of the target score’s debut got the league thinking: Would there be other spots to implement it around the NBA? “I think we’ve been long focused on potential innovations, new rules that can improve the quality of play, improve player health, improve fan engagement, and the idea of playing a basketball game to a score as opposed to with a clock is certainly not a new concept,” Evan Wasch, the NBA’s executive vice president of basketball and strategy, told ESPN.

Joe Dumars: It's becoming harder for any team to think they can have an easy win

Joe Dumars, who joined the league office in May, said that “it’s becoming harder and harder for any team in the league to walk out on the court and think that they have an easy win.” He is pleased that the new transition take foul rule has led to fast break points rising by 14 percent compared to last season, that the referees have cracked down on carrying violations and unnatural basketball movements and that league-wide offensive efficiency (112.1 points per 100 possessions, as of Dec. 18) is the highest it has ever been.