Ryan Saunders Rumors

Alan Horton: Derrick Rose with some good insight into how things have changed under Ryan Saunders… “He’s made things very simple for us on the floor, modifying the offense and defense a little bit so that guys aren’t thinking too much and I think it’s helping. He’s given us a little more freedom, for the young guys to grow and the older guys to have a voice. He wants that input. He’s gonna call you to his room for meetings. He’s very, very approachable, let me just say that, he’s great.”
Like any business that necessarily operates like a fraternity, there is a fair share of nepotism in the NBA coaching and front-office ranks, and it is easy for rank-and-file players and coaches to withhold respect from, or outright disparage, those who benefit from it. But the time that Ryan joyously logged abetting the development of all the players — scrubs, starters, vets and rookies — earned him enough warm respect to make a sterling first impression during this sudden job audition, for which, in some important respects, he clearly is not yet fully qualified.