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Lindsey, hired by the Jazz in 2012, selected Snyder to be his team’s head coach in the summer of 2014 after a disappointing season from predecessor Ty Corbin. But in the years that ensued, Snyder and Lindsey’s relationship deteriorated, creating distrust between the pair that impacted day-to-day Jazz operations. The disagreements were numerous, both on and off the court, sources said.
While the relationship between the two men wasn’t as combative this year as it had been at various times in the two’s tenure, thanks at least in part to the success of the team in the regular season, there was a view from some within the organization that a longstanding feud had been settled. “Quin won,” one source simply said.
In Derrick Favors’ first stint with the Jazz, Lindsey was a proponent of starting Favors at the power forward position next to All-NBA center Rudy Gobert, touting that pairing’s defensive acumen. Snyder, meanwhile, struggled with spacing the floor under those lineups.
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