Sachin Gupta Rumors

Sacramento owner Vivek Ranadivé, his son Aneel and interim executive VP Joe Dumars held in-person interviews with their three finalists in San Francisco: Minnesota’s Sachin Gupta on Sunday and McNair and former Hawks GM Wes Wilcox on Monday. Both Gupta and Wilcox had strong interviews. Interim head of basketball ops Joe Dumars joined owner in the in-person interviews and is expected to remain with the franchise as an advisor, sources said.
Why he makes sense: It’s no secret Ranadive is a fan of former 76ers GM Sam Hinkie, best known for “The Process,” which involved losing as many games as possible with the hope of landing generational talents in the draft. If Ranadive cannot hire Hinkie, why not hire someone who worked closely with Hinkie in Gupta, who was second in command?
Storyline: Kings Front Office
“It’s not an exact science. There’s no formula,” Rosas said. “You have to do your due diligence. At the end of the day, you want to make educated decisions.” That applies to trades as well. Every front office pours over the possibilities and works their network of sources and relationships across the league to identify potential deals. When asked if all the draft capital they have this year has made them akin to the pretty girl at the bar that every guy has his eye on, Gupta quipped, “I think they’re a little too nervous to talk to us just yet.” That is, he said, because everyone is waiting for a few big unknowns to be revealed. The date of the draft, originally set for Oct. 16, is widely expected to be pushed back while the league and players’ union come to agreement on what the salary cap and other CBA issues will look like coming off of a season that saw so much revenue flushed down the toilet because of the stoppage.
Gupta’s cerebral, sometimes dispassionate, approach helps remove some of the emotion that can derail trade efforts. “We expect to be on the phone a lot,” Gupta said. When he was with the Rockets, Gupta said he would stay up for two days straight leading into the trade deadline to think of every scenario he could to help Morey bolster the talent in Houston. The Timberwolves have so much more work to do to become relevant in the Western Conference. Having the No. 1 pick should be a big help, one way or another. “With the pick itself or what it can get us,” Gupta said, “I’m excited about how that will help us fill out the rest of this core.”
First, there is a feeling around the league that Timberwolves president of basketball operations Gersson Rosas will explore every conceivable option with this pick, including a multitude of trade options. Not only has Rosas already proven himself to be one of the more aggressive heads of basketball ops in the NBA, but also the executive team in charge is also one of the more creative ones in executing deals. Remember: the team’s vice president of basketball ops, Sachin Gupta, created the damn trade machine on ESPN. I would not be so sure that the Wolves end up making this pick at No. 1. At the very least, they’re going to see if anyone is willing to meet whatever they set as their asking price.