Saddiq Bey Rumors

When you talk to NBA teams, what do you tell them about your game and how you can contribute? Saddiq Bey: I just talk about the versatility in my game, being able to the complete package and be versatile on both ends. I can play every position on defense. That’s what I’m able to hang my hat on. I can be versatile on offense, too, being able to help as a playmaker and scorer at all three levels. I can make an impact right away. The reason why I work on every part of my game each summer is for a team to think that whatever they need, they would be comfortable with me doing it. I’ll always and purposely work on everything so whatever the team needs me to do, whatever role I need to play, I’ll be ready for it. Whatever the coach and the organization needs me to do, I’ll be ready for it.
You mentioned Jay Wright, who is one of the most respected college coaches in the country. What do you think he did to help make you NBA-ready? Saddiq Bey: He really emphasizes skill development and being a complete player, from our point guards to our big men. He has our point guards going into the paint and the post and back their men down. He has our big men play off the dribble. He taught everybody to not be type-casted by our position. He has been great at that. He stresses playing hard, too, and being coachable and also be the best man you can be off the court. That is what he does really well. He focuses on the details. It was an honor and a blessing to be able to play for him.
Are there any particular topics from your studies that stood out to you and interested you? Saddiq Bey: That’s a great topic. We learned in philosophy at Villanova. It’s just about man’s reality and what we see and the sun is supposed to represent knowledge and stuff like that. But in the caves, there were cave dwellers that were chained and they were facing toward a wall so they couldn’t see behind them. All they could see what was in front of them. So it kind of symbolizes what their perspective was in life: whatever was in front of them was all they could see. All they could see was shadows behind, they couldn’t see what was outside the cave, which was enlightenment. The people that were able to get out of the cave, they were able to see the full enlightenment, basically, God.