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Bobby Marks: The torn left wrist ligament and eventual surgery for John Henson will likely cost the Milwaukee center $750K in bonus money. Henson has $250K for appearing in 60 games and an additional $500K for 75 games. Both achievements were reached last season when Henson played in a career high 76 games. The Henson cap hit for 2019-20 will be reduced to $9.7M after the season once the bonuses are deemed unlikely.
Storyline: John Henson Injury
No one can say the Knicks have been exactly efficient with their spending. In the 10 seasons they paid the luxury tax, New York made the playoffs just twice, and had one series victory to show for it. One of the years the Knicks paid the luxury tax was in 2012-13, when Carmelo Anthony led the league in scoring. Their playoff journey that season ended in the first round of postseason action, an event that was buoyed by the fact Amare Stoudemire cut his hand following a Game-2 defeat and had to play the rest of the series with a bandaged arm. Fun fact: the Knicks are the only team in the Top-18 of this list with a losing record in their luxury-tax years. So teams who spent way less than them also have had far more on-court success.