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Two other important parts of this agreement for Milwaukee are the structure and partial guarantee. Starting Bledsoe’s extension at $15.6 million for the 2019-20 season gives them some additional certainty about how much they can spend while either staying under the luxury tax or keeping their tax bill modest. For the sake of comparison, Jrue Holiday will make about $10.4 million more than Bledsoe next season and while the two are different players with different negotiations, any savings matter a lot.
That financial pressure is also a major reason why the partial guarantee could be incredibly useful for the Bucks. In June 2022, the front office will have to decide whether they would rather pay Bledsoe $19.4 million to be on the team that season or $3.9 million to play elsewhere and they could choose to stretch that $3.9 million over three seasons if preferable. That will be Bledsoe’s age-33 season and a light partial guarantee provides flexibility that mitigates risk of regression or injury.