Sam Perkins Rumors

Gloomy skies and grey clouds that hung low to the ground on the morning of Feb. 17, a buildup to the rainstorm that would last two days, made the cabin fever feel especially tangible. The headliners of the USO tour had taken various routes to get there — former NBA players Sam Perkins (from Seattle) and Caron Butler (from Los Angeles), NBA Vice President of Referee Operations Bob Delaney (from New York) and the Washington Mystics’ Ivory Latta (from her offseason home in Atlanta) — before gathering the previous night in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, for the final three-hour flight into Bagram.
The NBA and WNBA may not have a more meaningful real-world impact all season, and perhaps seasons, plural. As the rain came down outside, the Clamshell was a place of sanctuary in a lot of ways, three months and 400 yards removed from the carnage. This was a chance to really move forward. “Hearing all this laughter so close to where it happened, it’s amazing how people have recovered from it,” Marine Staff Sgt. Andrew Jacobs said. “Once everything closed down (after the attack) everybody kind of went off to their work, separated. People lost touch. Now, I see people I haven’t seen for a few months. They found out about this visit and this tournament.”
Kevin McHale watched last summer as his friend, Danny Ainge, brought the curtain down on the Celtics’ latest championship era, trading Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett to the Nets. The Rockets coach couldn’t help but think back more than 20 years to a time when he was nearly the Celtics Hall of Famer-to-be sent packing. Involved sources confirmed again yesterday that the deal was never at the take-it-or-leave-it stage, but there was interest on both sides in a late 1989 move that would have shipped McHale to Dallas for a package that included Detlef Schrempf and Sam Perkins. The teams were at the point where they realized they would need to expand the transaction to satisfy NBA salary cap rules, but that issue was rendered moot when Red Auerbach voiced his opinion and the Celts backed off.