Sam Presti Rumors

Why was this the right time to go all-in on the future rather than running things back with virtually the same roster? Presti: At times in any of our lives, we can tend to make decisions based on what we prefer as opposed to what’s best. We couldn’t afford to do that given the system we operate in and our goal for sustainable high performance. When you step back and take a clear-eyed, rational view of the season we had last year, and all of the randomness that occurred in our favor, the loss of future value we would be relinquishing for a small probability of replicating those performances, it was clear that the most objective path was to prioritize the future. That’s without factoring in how a healthy Warriors, Blazers, or Pelicans team affects the competitive landscape around us. It wasn’t an easy decision, but serving the long-term interests of the organization was necessary after what has been a decade plus run of high performance.
Storyline: Thunder Front Office