Sam Smith Rumors

“I’d have to say after he came back, I really didn’t like the guy [Michael Jordan],” Longley wrote in Running With the Bulls. “I found him difficult to be around and he and I obviously didn’t see eye-to-eye. We were at each other’s throats in practice and … that was a case of frustration from both of us, mostly from him.” […] Longley didn’t know about the casual wickedness Jordan dished out to big-man teammates like Bill Cartwright and Will Perdue (whom he called “Will Vanderbilt,” because he thought Perdue didn’t deserve to be named after a Big Ten school). One day in practice shortly after Jordan came back, it was Longley’s turn. Jordan tried to throw the ball to Longley while he was moving traffic in the post. Longley dropped it. “Drop another one of my passes,” Jordan said, “and I’ll hit you in the head with it.” The quote wound up in a Sam Smith article in the Chicago Tribune. It hung around Longley’s neck for years.
We started on page 95, remember. Though Smith has sloughed off enough behind-the-scenes gossip for two ESPN The Magazine features, we have read to only page 97. This is why we made due without Woj bombs back in 1991. Because The Jordan Rules was the mother of all Woj bombs. Sam Smith was an odd guy to write a classic sports book. A veteran of the Chicago Tribune’s general assignment desk, he was a nebbishy, mustachioed workhorse who drifted into sports. David Axelrod — the Tribune columnist turned Obama political guru — said Smith favored saddle shoes like the ones Archie Andrews wore.
Smith, for his part, had no idea what he had done. For a time, Smith didn’t pick up his phone, he wrote in an introduction to the book’s 20th-anniversary edition. Mike Imrem of the Daily Herald called him “Salman” — as in Rushdie, the novelist who was then in hiding because of a fatwa. Weeks after publication, Smith finally met Jordan in the locker room of the old Chicago Stadium. “If you have any issues with me, I’m here and you can let me know,” he said. Jordan said nothing and wouldn’t look at him. Later, Jordan answered Smith’s questions, though neither man brought up the book.
Sam Smith: Jimmy Butler on he and Rose: “I think we can play off each other well, especially with the offense we are going to be running now. We (and Rose) both get out in transition; we can both score. We can both get the ball to the open guy. He’s really good at that. He (Rose) has his son, family to take care of. I’m with my brothers a lot. When we have a chance we’ll hang around with each other”