Scott Brooks Rumors

But even though Howard has diversified his game offensively, can a non-floor spreading big even stay on the floor these days? “Definitely, the game has changed,” Wizards coach Scott Brooks said. “But a lot of times with that change, it still remains the same. You need a big. And when you have a talented big, you use him. A lot of teams, there’s a little bit of growth going on with some of the younger bigs in the league … And (Howard) brings a skill set and a talent that, there’s only a few guys in the league that can do. The challenge is going to be, how are you going to guard smaller guys?”
Several N.B.A. referees are fluent in Spanish, and the fourth-year official Gediminas Petraitis speaks Lithuanian, said Monty McCutchen, the N.B.A.’s vice president in charge of referee development and training. While the league does not currently offer foreign language courses for officials, he said, “this may very well be an area of growth we explore in the future.” Tomas Satoransky, a shooting guard for the Wizards who was born in Prague, is susceptible to what he described as “blackouts,” when he excoriates himself in Czech. Coach Scott Brooks has asked for translations. “And I’m like, ‘Coach, I don’t even know,’” Satoransky said.