Scott Carefoot Rumors

“This franchise has finally sapped my will to give a crap about it.” While it came at the end of the second paragraph of his blog post, that was the real kicker from Scott Carefoot’s farewell to Raptorblog post from last Friday. Carefoot is leaving The Score, the company he has worked for since 2008, and with it, he leaves RaptorBlog, the blog he started in 2002 to help get his foot in the sports media world and provide online coverage of his favourite team at the time.
“Most people don’t know my real situation, in that RaptorBlog was never my real job, but I treated it like one. For almost 10 years, it’s hard to believe that something that I dedicated a good part of my life to, and spent countless hours writing and interacting with people, and I really do feel nothing walking away from it. I’m done. I’m looking forward to being a sports fan again,” he said during a phone interview on Monday. “I started it as a way to break into sports media and in my own convoluted way I ended up doing that, so I’m not going to continue punishing myself by covering that team.”