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Scott Levy Rumors

NBA Asia managing director Scott Levy told Filipino reporters he believes a full-blooded Filipino is bound for the NBA soon – and not just one, but many. “I think it’s just a matter of time before we have multiple local Filipinos playing in the NBA,” Levy said during a media roundtable at the NBA Philippines headquarters in Taguig on Wednesday, October 24. “The game is getting better, the coaches are getting better, the level of talent in the PBA continues to go up and there are more Filipino players coming to the US and playing in university, so it’s definitely going to happen.”
To sum it up, Levy once again reiterated that the Philippines is “incredibly important,” to the Association. “It probably is the market with the highest fan affinity for basketball, and that’s daunting. To satisfy everybody, that’s a full-time job. We don’t take the fanbase here lightly. We are focused on making sure that everybody is happy with what they have available and we’re listening for the things that we need to do better.”