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Bradley Beal’s body language against the Nets during the first half and what NBA executives and scouts were saying. Michael Scotto: I texted with a couple of executives and scouts. One executive in the East told me, “Damn, that’s unbelievable. Red flags everywhere.” Another scout, who’s been in the league for over a decade at this point, texted me, “He looks like he’s done with them.” That was in the first half.
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Bayern Munich Sports Director Daniele Baiesi talked about how he “overlooked” Nikola Jokic and Jusuf Nurkic during his time with the Detroit Pistons as Chief of International Scouting. “I overlooked Nikola Jokic. I overlooked Jusuf Nurkic,” Baiesi said for Bayern’s Open Court podcast. “With the information I had, it made me think that these aren’t the right guys for us for many reasons. Nobody is going to tell you or guarantee you ‘OK these guys would’ve worked in Detroit.’ Nobody can say that. They would be trading chips maybe, which is still better than nothing.”
But the player, whom the scout declined to name, “didn’t possess the demeanor of a pro.” He didn’t hustle. He “goofed off,” failed to run in straight lines during warmup drills and didn’t make much eye contact with teammates. “The overall feel I got left me with a lot of questions,” the scout recalls. “It was a red flag.” He crossed off the prospect’s name, packed his bags and left the arena — before the game had even begun. Sticking around, he reasoned, would have been a waste of time.
“When you see a player in person, I can’t tell you the world of difference it makes,” says a Western Conference scout based in the Northeast. “It’s all in the details you pick up: warmups, body language, what do they do when the camera isn’t on them. The stuff you can’t get on TV or on Synergy (an analytics and film platform). The biggest thing is that being at the games and seeing these guys for yourself reduces our organization’s risk as far as making a pick.”
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