Sean Marks Rumors

Jordan hears the criticism that he’s too slow for the modern NBA. Too heavy-footed, too old. His best days, they say, are far behind him. When he signed with the Nets, he was branded as the expensive add-in — a necessary price to get two superstars. Nets general manager Sean Marks says Brooklyn liked Jordan as much for his constant wisecracking as his ability to swat shots. Jordan’s experience, coupled with his defensive prowess and potential to guide Allen, made him attractive to the team. And being close with the Nets’ supermax duo didn’t hurt.
“I think the timeline for his recovery is somewhat up to him, but also up to his body and how that progresses. It could happen quickly or it could take some time,” Nets general manager Sean Marks told Yahoo Sports before Wednesday’s 113-108 loss to the Charlotte Hornets in which Brooklyn blew a 20-point lead. “And where we are at this stage of the season — and where we are as a team over the next couple years — there’s no point in forcing guys to come back too soon. Especially a player of his caliber and expectations.”
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