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Sean Marks Rumors

“When Kyrie signed as a free agent, he basically said, ‘I’ll come and I’ll bring Kevin Durant,’” the source told “And in return, the Nets agreed that he could have a say in the roster decisions. “It’s not uncommon at all for general managers to talk to their top players about possible trades and free agents. That’s just smart. You’re paying your guy big money, and you want him to be on board. Plus, your guy might have another view of a situation or a player that you haven’t considered. But with Kyrie, they talked this out beforehand. He wanted a situation like LeBron has — or like he thinks LeBron has.”
The Nets had generally tread lightly around any Irving matters, so these remarks stood out. “I wonder how that’s going to sit with Kyrie,” a league exec said. “You never know with him. Remember, he was saying out loud how he was committed to re-signing with Boston before he changed his mind and went to Brooklyn with KD. “But even if he’s pissed about this, could he really do anything about it? It’d be hard to see him turning away from KD after he basically sold him on Brooklyn.”
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