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Sean Miller Rumors

On Thursday, Arizona made the hiring of Jason Terry official. Sean Miller sat down with Brian Jeffries for a quick interview and started by describing what makes Terry so qualified to be a coach. “Jason Terry is somebody that I have gotten to know, like a lot of people here at the U of A, during my 11 years,” Miller said. “At first, I was just a huge fan of his. Anybody that is 6-foot-2, 180 pounds that can play in the NBA for 18 seasons. Right now he is seventh all time in the NBA in three-pointers made, he is a NBA world champion, a NBA Sixth Man of the Year.”
For Miller, the most impressive aspect of Terry may be just how passionate he is about the game of basketball. “I love his passion for the game,” Miller said. “When you think of Jason Terry, don’t you think of someone that loves the game of basketball? When you combine everything I have talked about, he has been there and done it 1,000 times over. Yet I know he would love to be in the gym with our players. Imagine him working out with our guards,”
Now Dawkins, who has started a new career representing artists in the music industry, is willing to say a few things. The film is told through his viewpoint — from his upbringing as the son of a high school coach in Saginaw, Michigan, to becoming in his early 20s a confidant and dealmaker between star players, shoe companies, college programs and agents. It also contains a number of never-before-heard audio recordings of FBI-intercepted phone calls between Dawkins and LSU coach Will Wade and Arizona’s Miller.
Storyline: NCAA Scandal