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Sean Sweeney Rumors

Marc Stein: The Mavericks have an opening for a lead assistant after Orlando hired Jamahl Mosley as its new head coach. Detroit’s Sean Sweeney was the first to join Kidd’s coaching staff. The Lakers’ Greg. St. Jean, who worked alongside Kidd in LA, is also expected to join the Mavericks.
KL: Last year, whenever we talked about the progress of your young players, you would finish by saying, “And I include Andre in that group. He’s still a young player.” We saw growth from him over the course of last season. In what areas do you want to see him take a next step? Dwane Casey: One, his overall conditioning. He’s in the best shape since I’ve been around him, the year and a half that I’ve seen. His body is slim and trim, his body fat is down, he’s been in Vegas working with Coach Gerg (Tim Grgurich) and Sean Sweeney all summer religiously, two and three times a day.