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Sekou Doumbouya Rumors

No one in NBA circles knows what Doumbouya, who was the youngest player in the 2019 draft class, will become quite yet. There is a reason he slid all the way to No. 15, despite being considered a top-10 talent. Yet the imaginations of those in Detroit’s organization have already begun to run wild just thinking about what an 18-year-old with six years of basketball experience can grow to do for a franchise. Time, eventually, will reveal all truths. “You have to work with him, you have to develop him, but there are a lot of things to like about this guy,” Pistons senior adviser Ed Stefanski said.
Doumbouya’s size and experience playing in France, many believe, already gives him one up on other prospects as he enters the NBA. Now, he just has to continue to let his game catch up to the rest of him. “One thing that he might have an advantage with because he played in Europe for six years and not America is that he’s done it more old school, where he’s actually playing 5-on-5,” Taylor said. “He probably hasn’t gotten as much skill work as some of the other guys in the draft, the one-on-one stuff, but I think once you pair those two together, the sky will be the limit for him.”