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Seth Ferranti Rumors

Now focusing on basketball. How big of a deal was it in there? Seth Ferranti: I would say dudes took the games very seriously. There were stabbings over games all the time or beatings or fights or whatever. I remember seeing dudes get knocked out during the games and if dudes’ homeboys were in the stands… it was on – like a mini riot or big gang fight right in the gym on the ball court. It was a spectacle for real. You never knew what was going to happen. It was excitement. Prison is so boring, so you are always looking for the little intrigues and dramas and stuff like that. Watching and playing were big. Big games would be talked about and debated for weeks before they happened and every prisoner thought he was Stephen A. Smith from ESPN making his point and argument on who was going to win and why.
There was something different about those players compared to those that typically appear on this website: They were in prison. And so was Ferranti himself. After two years as a fugitive, Ferranti was captured and convicted of running a criminal enterprise that dealt in LSD in 1993. A first-time, non-violent offender, Ferranti has spent the last 21 years of his life behind bars. But that’s coming to an end now. Although technically not a free man until January 2015, Ferranti is now allowed to leave prison for extended periods and is already working two jobs in St. Louis, Missouri. He spoke with HoopsHype about his new life, his years in jail and his future projects.