Shanghai Sharks Rumors

Yao plans to “sell his stake in the Shanghai Sharks before next season and pursue a reform agenda for the professional league, state media reported,” according to Reuters. What are Hill’s expectations for Yao in his new executive role? “He has the capabilities to upgrade the league like never before,” Hill said of Yao. “I’m confident there will be many, many people rooting for him as he is a quality person as well.”
Calvin Watkins: Rockets coach Mike D’Antoni said he expects to give some of his veteran players some good minutes for the first preseason game against the Shanghai Sharks on Sunday. D’Antoni wants the Rockets to develop some chemistry quickly but will use the final two preseason games as more of a dress rehearsal. “Give them a good run, see how the game goes,” D’Antoni said Saturday. “I’m a believer we’re there to get them better. They got to play with each other, we have a hard (regular season) schedule to start, so it’s not like we can just kinda lull into it, we got to get them ready.”
2 years ago via ESPN
Fredette, the 2011 national player of the year and NCAA scoring champion out of BYU, played most recently for the New York Knicks on a 10-day contract last season. He drew free-agent interest from NBA teams this summer, according to sources, but hadn’t found a steady role in the league since being selected 10th overall in the 2011 NBA draft.
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