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The National Basketball Association will tip off its 75th anniversary season Tuesday, Oct. 19, and Snapchat will enter its seventh year as a partner of the league with 360-degree cross-platform interaction for Snapchatters. Snap Inc. said in a blog post Tuesday, “We are a week away from the 75th anniversary season of the NBA, and it’s gearing up to a big one. If you were at a bar, restaurant, watch party or live game at the end of last season, you can understand and imagine that energy of being back in person, watching the game with other fans. You also might recall looking around the stadium—or wherever you were watching—and seeing fans with their phones open and cameras rolling, capturing it all. All of that action and all of that energy was being shared on Snapchat. This season will be no different.” The NBA will provide Snapchat with near-live updates and highlights of every game, and Snapchat Show Best of the NBA will run twice weekly featuring the best content, replays and Snaps.
I listened to Smith’s take on that episode, and it struck me that these were deep thoughts for someone who recently turned 20. It made me think that this is an NBA rookie who is especially prepared for the temptations and consequences of his coming fame. “The more technology progresses, the more humans digress,” Smith said. “I don’t got Snapchat right now. Just because I check myself on it — I’m scrolling too much. I’m spending too much time on it. I got Twitter and Instagram, more so for business purposes now, but in college I deleted both of them. I was on it too much, spent too much time on it. It shouldn’t be that prominent in my life where I’m scrolling on it or I’m checking on it first thing in the morning. It ain’t real.
Def Pen Hoops: And here’s a day in the life on the road with the #Cavs, as captured by Channing Frye (@Channing_Frye) on snapchat…. First, @DwyaneWade tells a story about being attacked by birds back at Marquette 😂. Channing Frye flexes his Spanish language knowledge by telling you about the sandwich @JmCalderon is eating. And back to Dwyane Wade, noted fan of Cheetos.
A couple highlights have been when he went to the Louvre and asked the Mona Lisa painting, “Who doin’ it with blocks?” and when he went to Buckingham Palace and tried to get the Queen of England on his Snap Story. Somehow Whiteside was not able to get Queen Elizabeth II to talk to him to put him in the Snapchat Hall of Fame. He tried his best.
Lopez went all-in for the shoot, even agreeing to shave his beard to make “Robon” look more like Gaston. The other players loved it. “There was definitely good reaction,” Brown says. “A couple of players talked to me about it saying, that was really cool to watch. Robin loves Disney so much, and it seemed like a natural fit. I think if there came something where we knew another player would be great at it, they would be open to us asking. But they really thought the story was funny and they loved seeing Robin.”
The team, led by digital content manager Luka Dukich and social media coordinator Samantha Brown, devised the concept over the summer as they brainstormed ways to do something different with Snapchat. “Frankly, we didn’t know if it would work,” Dukich says. “I don’t know if people are going to watch a Snapchat story from start to finish. I don’t know if they’d consume it that way. I don’t know if Bulls fans who follow us because they’re fans of the basketball team are going to be like, ‘What is this? This isn’t why we follow you guys.’”