Sneakers Rumors

There are a couple possible reasons for the delay. The first is obviously coronavirus. We talked before about the delays and pushbacks we’d see in production with factories in China being shut down over the virus. Some of those are up and running again, though, so this might not be the case. The second is Nike still might not know what direction they want to go in with Kobe’s line — especially since resellers gobbled it up. Coming up with a strategy for the future of the line is imperative.
It looks like a facsimile of the Kobe VI plastered on top of the LeBron XIII lows. It’s a clunky and low cut which is never really a good combination for a hoop shoe. It’s important for Nike to get things right with Antetokounmpo because of his status in the landscape.of his sport now and going forward. Getring it right with him isn’t as easy as it seems. Giannis is ostensibly a big man with guard skills — even more so than LeBron James. On the other side, Zion Williamson is the future of Jordan Brand and he has the same problem.
With uncertainty surrounding what’s left of what was shaping up to be a second-straight MVP season for Giannis Antetokounmpo, a photo rumored to be his second signature sneaker has surfaced. Kix.r_us shares an image of what’s believed to be the Nike Zoom Freak 2, another low-top silhouette with fairly different design language than its predecessor. Once again, the shoe’s standout feature is its branding—this time the Swoosh appears to be in the form of a detached overlay that wraps into the rear pull-tab. Antetokounmpo’s logo has been shifted to the lateral heel.