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Japan, by comparison, currently features only Jordan products in several hundred stores, and Jordan’s overall revenue in Japan is just a fraction of what it is in China or the United States. The company hopes Hachimura can change that, becoming an icon in his homeland who also transcends throughout Asia. “I think he’s going to take it to another level,” said Gentry Humphrey, Jordan’s VP of footwear. “He’s a perfect complement, and he’s going to help us grow our business internationally.”
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They also had an ace in the hole: Michael Jordan himself. In addition to highlighting the company’s upcoming designs, innovations and marketing ideas in store for Hachimura during their May 10 pitch meeting, the Jordan team pulled out a mid-presentation surprise. “The Boss” was calling in to personally express his desire for Hachimura to join his Jordan Brand family. “I could not stop thanking him for the opportunity,” he said. “It was really impressive.”
Every sneaker blog has covered your sneaker free agency. ‘Where is PJ going?’ ‘Did you see PJ rock Puma’s?’ What made the free agencies of Gilbert Arenas and Kobe Bryant so legendary? Do you remember anything about them? PJ Tucker: Gilbert wearing those Dolce & Gabbanas was legendary. I will never get that aggressive in my life. That was crazy. What’s funny ever since I became a free agent, everyone has been like, ‘why you don’t wear Gucci’s’ and all this craziness. I can wear a lot of different stuff, but I don’t know if I can do that. That was big. Even Kobe when he left Adidas and before Nike that was huge. Kobe came with the A.I. Reebok Questions in a Lakers’ colorway and even the Jordan III’s that was crazy.
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Why should a brand invest in PJ Tucker? PJ Tucker: Honestly with me, I don’t know if anybody else is a bigger brand ambassador than I am. When I am with somebody, I roll with them. I believe this wholeheartedly, when I believe in something, I rock with it, and I think people see that. I think that is the biggest thing people see. For me, it’s not like a LeBron situation where it’s like monumental. He’s this one-of-a-kind athlete that is the face of the brand—I am like an everyday dude. I am like the dude walking down the street, it just so happens that I can guard people and make threes.
A lot of kids growing up who want to play in the NBA mention they want their own signature sneaker. Why is that something you don’t want? PJ Tucker: I don’t want my own shoe. That is something I have never wanted. If anybody is pitching that, I would say no. I feel like that is the only thing that limits me, being a signature athlete, because you have to wear your signature shoe all of the time. I don’t want no parts of that. What makes me standout is the versatility to be able to do everything.