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Snoop Dogg Rumors

Stephen Curry: Legendary moments with the Doggfather!! Incredible day in the LBC w/ @snoopdogg and #CurryBrand… seeing the AMAZING artwork by @DamionScott2 for our newly renovated court at @bgclublb. Couldn’t ask for a better collab in our ongoing mission to help serve our communities 🙌🏽💪🏽

Even before Nigeria’s self-imposed two-year ban from international basketball was announced last month, D’Tigers captain Ike Diogu saw the writing on the wall and joined Snoop Dogg’s Big3 team, Bivouac. Having previously turned down approaches to play in the Big3, a professional 3×3 league founded by rapper Ice Cube, in favour of national team duty, Diogu changed his mind this year and signed on after competing in the Basketball Africa League.

Snoop Dogg turned down $2 million offer to DJ Michael Jordan party

Snoop Dogg is a man of many talents. He makes music, does Skip The Dishes commercials, cooks with Martha Stewart, and even had his own Netflix show where he was coaching a youth football team. Snoop will also DJ from time to time and the great Michael Jordan even offered him the chance to do so at one of his parties in the past. Guess how much the former Chicago Bulls star was willing to give Snoop? A whopping $2 million. But, he turned it down due to a “schedule conflict.”