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Drew Brees welcomed Zion Williamson to New Orleans with a framed jersey from the quarterback on which he wrote, “Passing the torch to you!” The New Orleans Pelicans on Tuesday tweeted video of Williamson’s reaction to receiving the gift that was waiting for him when he arrived in New Orleans.

While all the attention Leonard’s received is certainly warranted given the monumental impact of the championship he helped deliver the city, Toronto mayor John Tory and Raptors superfan Nav Bhatia are providing fans a new, less invasive way to show their appreciation. The pair, along with Paramount Fine Foods CEO Mohamad Fakih, announced the launch of a website on Saturday appropriately titled, which allows fans to sign a petition and leave comments for Leonard with the goal of convincing the forward to stay in Toronto going forward.
When speaking with media after the website’s launch, Bhatia also encouraged Raptors fans to stop harassing Leonard when he’s out in the city. “I’m talking right now on all the fans all over Canada and I want to put a request in the media right now because our superstar, Kawhi Leonard, he’s going out in the city and he’s being like paparazzi, he’s being harassed, he’s being, you know, followed,” Bhatia said. “We are not giving him the space, which he deserves to have.”