Social Media Rumors

Participants in the 2019 NBA Three-Point Contest will be announced in the coming weeks, and the Brooklyn Nets are in the midst of an all-out campaign for sharpshooter Joe Harris.

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With NBA Twitter being one of the the most popular subcultures on the site, it makes sense for Twitter and the NBA to explore new avenues to work together. “[NBA Twitter] is one of the most exciting, entertaining and insightful parts of Twitter,” Dorsey said, adding that this notion could easily be applied to other topics and events, including social and political. “Twitter wants to be a place that follows your interests, rather than a social-based network,” he explained. “Anything we can do to make [an event] feel more electric, and make you feel like you’re part of something bigger than yourself, then [we’re] successful.”
Redick, the Sixers’ sharpshooter who’s averaging 18.3 points in 39 games this season, joined our NBA insider Tom Haberstroh on the latest “The Habershow” podcast Friday. The 34-year-old has found an interesting roadblock living without social media. “I was trying to get a car deal because I drive back and forth between Brooklyn and Philly, because I’ve been driving myself this year,” Redick said. “And the car companies were like, ‘Well, you’re not on social media so there’s no benefit to us.’ I said, ‘that’s fine.'”