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Shaquille O’Neal on modern NBA players: “These guys now they’re pudding pops”

“A lot of people right now are ‘Oh you’re too hard on the youngsters.’ I’m just doing what was done to me,” O’Neal said. “I remember when I was averaging 30-35 in that way but we always get swept. The great Kareem Abdul-Jabbar said ‘Hey, he hasn’t won a championship yet.’ Did I whine? Did I cry? Did I complain on social media? No, I didn’t say anything because Kareem Abdul-Jabbar had G-14 classification to say that. Am I going to have a dispute with the greatest NBA player ever? “So when he said that when he gave me constructive criticism, I took it and I listened and I brought my game to another level. So these guys now they’re pudding pops. You say something about them… that’s what they are.”
Former NBA player and current Santa Cruz Warriors guard Jeremy Lin took to social media on Thursday night to speak out against the rising number of hate crimes experienced by Asians and Asian Americans in the United States. Specifically, Lin was calling to attention in his Facebook post the need to remind his followers that racism and stereotypes have an impact on Asian Americans.
“Something is changing in this generation of Asian Americans,” Lin wrote in his post. “We are tired of being told that we don’t experience racism, we are tired of being told to keep our heads down and not make trouble. We are tired of Asian American kids growing up and being asked where they’re REALLY from, of having our eyes mocked, of being objectified as exotic or being told we’re inherently unattractive.”