Social Media Rumors

Karl has not coached in the NBA since leaving the Kings. Cousins has suffered a number of serious injuries. And so, on April Fools’ Day, Karl decided to joke about a potential reunion, saying that both were headed back to the Kings.

NBA 2K’s face of social media, Ronnie 2K, made a big mistake on Tuesday after getting caught on his live stream dissing NBA free agent DeMarcus Cousins. Ronnie Singh, more popularly known as Ronnie 2K, ranted about the seven-foot center a bit after an error was made. While speaking to a colleague regarding the upcoming NBA 2K Players-Only League, he was unaware that his stream was on at the moment.
Milicic’s career was so meager that Anthony, the No. 3 overall pick in the 2003 Draft, responded “Who?” when Wade brought him up in a chat on Instagram Live last week. Anthony, who despite having a great career is still ringless, speculated that he would’ve won “two or three” championships early in his career if he had been drafted by the Pistons, though he doesn’t know what would have happened after.
Milicic addressed Wade and Anthony’s comments in an interview with B92, a Serbian newstation. “As for these stories, so if my story is not told, thank God (Wade and Anthony) have succeeded — I have not,” Milicic’s statement said, translated from Serbian. “We are not kids, we are adults, I hope you are old enough to understand that life is full of ups and downs. … It is not necessary to judge and ridicule when, thank God, you have not passed the path that I have. To them, as always, I wish everyone good and every honor on their careers and in further life a lot of success and less condemnation.”