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Steve Kerr addresses Twitter hiatus

Kerr began his hiatus from Twitter in April. It means he is cut off from his primary news source, and is behind on current events. You know Kerr is big into politics, domestic and global. “Part of me was kind of like, ‘Man, I need to know what’s going on,’” Kerr said. “And then part of me was like, ‘F— that, the world sucks right now.’ It’s awesome not knowing.”
Warriors fans on Twitter, Kerr’s preferred medium, have been especially critical of him this season. On multiple occasions, Kerr has fed the beast. “When I made my now infamous statement,” Kerr said, “everyone remembered the ‘chasing wins’ part. They didn’t remember the first part of the sentence, which was that we’re not going to run Steph for 40-plus minutes every night to chase wins. The mistake I made was saying chase wins. The key to the statement was, ‘We’re not going to play Steph 40-plus minutes.’”
The younger brother of Japanese NBA player Rui Hachimura has revealed a message received online that targets the two with anti-Black insults, saying in his Twitter post sharing the racial slurs that he hopes to increase awareness of discrimination faced by minorities in Japan. Aren Hachimura, who plays basketball for Tokai University, shared a screenshot of the message received through Instagram which says in Japanese the brothers were “born by mistake” and “should die,” using the harshest slur repeatedly while dismissing the two as worthless apart from their skill in basketball.