Sotero Muniz Rumors

Muniz, 81, is a Utah native who graduated from the University of Utah, spent a lengthy career working for the U.S. Forest Service and now resides in Polson, Mont. And, for the last dozen years or so, he’s been busy perfecting a complex mathematical formula and methodology he calls “Basketball Productivity Ratings” — BPRs for short — that he feels could revolutionize the way NBA players are viewed and valued.
“Nobody in the game has quantified and classified every play, both offensively and defensively, before,” Muniz said. “BPRs look at every single play made, at every single game for every single minute played. “All of these plays can determine the outcome of a game, and the turnover is the most damaging play in basketball. “In looking at his players, a coach knows what their strengths and weaknesses are, and he can work with each player based on what his weaknesses are and try to improve them,” Muniz said. “I also see it as a motivational tool for players. I want to get this into the game and I think it would help improve the game. I’m doing the game a favor — that’s my goal. It’s for the game.”