Stan Van Gundy Rumors

The prospect of Sarver moving the Suns out of Phoenix has already seemed to backfire for Sarver. Instead of being taken seriously, ESPN’s The Jump turned Thursday’s Suns segment into a public roasting of Sarver with Van Gundy bringing the heat. Van Gundy said: “The question isn’t are Seattle and Las Vegas realistic options for the Suns. The question is when’s Robert Sarver gonna bring an NBA team to Phoenix?”
Storyline: Phoenix Suns Arena
It was Stan Van Gundy’s last gambit as coach/president last season, and Griffin has found the environment to be refreshing from the top down — either that or it’s the brisk Detroit air hitting Griffin on the way out of Little Caesars Arena. “You see the organization, not just the coaches, but everybody to marketing to PR to assistants, you see how professional they are and how much they care, and how first class everything is,” Griffin said. “For me, it’s a long way of saying I don’t even feel like it’s that situation [with the Clippers], but I do like coming to this team and having the challenge of getting us back to that place.”
Stan Van Gundy never thought he was in danger in the wake of reports that mail bombs, apparently intended for critics of President Donald Trump, were intercepted by authorities this week. But in a Saturday text exchange with the Free Press, it’s clear he thinks rhetoric from the nation’s 45th president is a root cause of the toxic atmosphere that hangs over today’s political discourse.
“While the attacks are not his fault, (as it was not the fault of liberals that some whack job shot at Republican congressmen playing softball) Trump is the first president in my lifetime who has spoken the way he does and created an atmosphere encouraging attacking your enemies,” wrote Van Gundy, a vocal Trump critic during his coaching tenure with the Detroit Pistons.