Stanley Roberts Rumors

Roberts didn’t just pick up where he left off from his college career, which ended in 1990. He started over at academic ground zero in 2007 and – with the help of his friends and his former school – fought through financial limitations, a learning disability, helping support four children and ultimately triple- bypass heart surgery four months ago, which required him to remain bed-ridden for the first four weeks of his final semester. As easily as he smiles and laughs, which is perpetually, he’ll tell you he created most of his own issues – except the last one – that delayed this moment. But now beaming and with his 63-year-old mother, Isabella, at his side for the ceremony, he’s marking a milestone that once seemed impossible. “It’s the biggest thing I’ve ever accomplished,” said Roberts, in low, unassuming tones. “It was difficult, brutal at times. But through the grace of God I got through it. “There’s a great sense of accomplishment but it hasn’t really hit me yet because there’s so many other things I’ve got to think about right now. It’s been a long road and I did it the hard way.”
“Stanley was the toughest nut to crack I ever had as far as a former player coming back to school,” Brown said. “He’s always been one of the most likable, lovable people I’ve met in my whole life. But it took him more courage and more perseverance than most people ever show to get this degree. He’s never once used a crutch or blamed anyone but himself.” “I am extremely proud of him. If he had that same commitment on the basketball floor, he would have been a superstar.”