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Chandler Parsons: 'Kobe Bryant paid me a $22,000 club bill... this dude was cool as f---'

Chandler Parsons story on Kobe Bryant:  So my rookie year we’re playing in Staples Center. Kevin McHale pulls me aside and tells me ‘you’re gonna see crazy people, you’re gonna see celebrities there and Kobe is gonna try and bust your ass, like he’s gonna be offended you’re guarding him.’ First of all, I’m just looking at the court side. My head’s on a swivel, I’ve never seen this before, right? I’m like, goddamn, this is great. Denzel Washington is there, this chick is there… I’m already distracted. And of course I’m starting on Kobe. A little side note: Jordan Hill that year had got traded from Houston to LA. So the fourth quarter comes around and Kobe looks at me and he’s like, ‘are you guys staying the night tonight?’ And I’m like, making sure McHale is not looking at me and I’m like ‘yeah, what up? We’re staying.’ He goes, ‘I’ll set you up. I’ll get your number from Hill if you want to go out tonight’. McHale is over there grilling me like ‘stop talking to this motherf—–’. So he ends up going off, he scores like 40 that game and we lose. After the game we’re going to have dinner at the Katsuya LA Live. We’re with all the OGs, right? We’re with Marcus Camby and they’re all taking me out. I get a text that goes ‘You’re all set at Supper Club – Mamba’. And I’m like, looking around like ‘alright, who’s f—— with me?’ Like, no way. Courtney Lee was my guy and I’m like, showing him like, is this real? So I write him back. I’m like, are you coming? And he’s like ‘no, I can’t make it but my guy will hit you up’. Guy texts me ‘Hey, you’re set up, let me know what you need at Supper Club’, whatever.
Chandler Parsons: So at this point, I’m like, guys, I got you. Kobe’s my guy. He set it up. Let’s go! JB Bickerstaff is there. I’m bringing coaches. I’m bringing trainers. This is ‘I got it’. And we have a blast, right? We have the craziest night ever. Supper Club was the club where the tables were beds. It was awesome. It was nuts. Then 2 AM rolls around. I’m with these guys that made hundreds of millions of dollars and this waitress beelines right to me with the check. And I’m like, ‘oh shit!’… She’s bringing me this bill for God knows how much and I’m like, oh man. I open it and it’s like $22,000 and now at this point I’m like, physically sick. I can’t do this because the card’s gonna bounce! I’ll never forget it, this chick looks at me, hands me a pen and says ‘sign for Mr. Bryant’. And I’m like, what?! A made a video of the whole thing, I’m so excited. I signed ‘Kobe Bryant’ on a $22,000 club bill… This dude was cool as f—.
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Here’s how the Lakers will say good-bye. · A special opening video to be played prior to tip-off. · Fans in attendance receiving a commemorative ticket, as well as a T-shirt that’s a replica of the first T-shirt given away at Staples Center in June 2000, when the Lakers won the NBA’s Western Conference. · Several Lakers legends appearing for a halftime celebration featuring past NBA championship trophies. · A banner marking 22 years of Lakers history at Staples Center will be featured along the top of arena’s City View Terrace., which bills itself as the fastest-growing cryptocurrency platform, is beginning a 20-year naming rights agreement with AEG, the arena’s owner. A new logo and other branding assets, including internal arena signage, will be introduced on Christmas Day if the game is played as planned. All of the venue’s external signage will be replaced by June. The agreement, announced Nov. 17, includes official designations across Arena, L.A. LIVE, Microsoft Theater, The Novo, the Lakers and the Kings.
Arash Markazi: I always post “get-in” prices for tickets in this column. A lot of you have reached out to say you appreciate that and have taken advantage of cheap tickets you didn’t know about that. The best deal in town this season has been the Clippers with the “get-in” price for most games under $10, which is cheaper than parking around Staples Center. For example, if you’re a Boston Celtics fan, you could have paid $86 for a 300-level seat to the Lakers-Celtics game on Tuesday or $6 for a similar seat to tonight’s Clippers-Celtics game. Some Clippers fans took this as a shot but it’s just the opposite. Every fan would rather pay less to see their team play. I’ve gone to several Clippers games this season as a fan with family and friends because I was able to buy 8 seats together and pay less than $50. I wish that was the case for most teams in town.