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Stephen Silas Rumors

Turns out that Wall gave his consent to the Rockets’ plan to hold him out this entire season, league sources say, only after they told him that his slice of playing time in Coach Stephen Silas’ rotation would be rather minimal for a five-time All-Star with Houston focused on the development of No. 2 overall pick Jalen Green and his backcourt mate Kevin Porter Jr. Beyond the Rockets’ obvious motivation to keep Wall as healthy as possible for potential trade talks, he showed enough in last season’s comeback that a larger role could make them more competitive than a team in the early stages of its post-James Harden rebuild would necessarily want.
Storyline: John Wall Trade?

On one occasion, Stone walked onto the practice court to preach defensive philosophy, sources said, and is known to consult players on tactical improvements. If he were to make a change at head coach, it seems Stone would maintain a similar level of influence over the coaching staff and Rockets’ rotation, an increasing trend around the NBA.