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Stephen Silas Rumors

After fouling out on Saturday, Alperen Sengun had five fouls, protesting after most. K.J. Martin, who had a run of particularly smashing dunks, drew a technical foul for taunting, saying later he had no idea what he had done to draw the call. “It can be (frustrating) when … you do a good job protecting the paint and they kick it out and make a 3,” Silas said. “It can be when you’re doing a great job getting downhill, getting to the free throw line and then you’re missing free throws. There’s a lot that can be the source of frustration. But that can’t be us.”
Green led the Rockets with 25 points, making 10 of 19 shots, his sixth consecutive game scoring at least 20. He added seven assists, matching his career high, after consecutive games with six. But he took just two shots in his 4:48 in the fourth quarter. “I just want (Green) to make the right play,” Silas said. “That’s what I told the group. Like Alpe (Sengun) had a few plays where he’s trying to make the great play. I saw this on television today somebody said, ‘You don’t have to make a great play; You just have to make the right play.’ That’s what I want our guys to do, make the right play.”