Steve Bannon Rumors

Instead, BIG3 has been the subject of a nasty legal feud dripping with political intrigue. Now comes a new lawsuit filed on Monday from the league’s former chief creative officer Kainoa Henry, who says Ice Cube’s business partner Jeffrey Kwatinetz created a hostile workplace by incessantly talking about the greatness of Donald Trump’s former political advisor Steve Bannon, while also behaving in an Islamophobic fashion. Henry now says his resignation was all but forced, and adds that before he quit, Kwatinetz told him that two of the league’s investors were under investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller and how they were tied to Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner.
Donald Trump’s former chief strategist Steve Bannon was the target of a bizarre bribery plot by the Qatari government, rapper Ice Cube and his business partner have claimed in a lawsuit, can disclose. The rapper and Jeff Kwatinetz claim that a Qatari investor in their BIG3 basketball league tried to get access to Bannon when he was Trump’s White House chief strategist – and that the investor was a front for the Qatari government.
Cuban added that he and Bannon “haven’t talked” since a meeting the pair had at the King Cole Bar in New York City’s St. Regis Hotel two weeks after Trump’s election victory last fall. Cuban did not mention what the pair discussed then. “We trade short texts every now and then but that’s it,” Cuban said. “All that said, I don’t have a problem meeting and talking to him. If we want to get past all of this divisive tribalism, it’s going to take someone talking to both sides and trying to find some common ground.”