Steve Javie Rumors

Spruell’s work has led to the launch of new initiatives aimed at improving officiating, which the NBA will formally announce on Thursday. The league has created an Officiating Advisory Council that will include former NBA player and coach Doug Collins; retired Gen. Martin E. Dempsey, the chairman of USA Basketball and former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; Arne Duncan, the former U.S. Education Secretary; ex-referee Steve Javie; and Kenny Smith, a TNT analyst and former NBA player. Together, they will help determine the future of NBA officiating.
Play continued after The Block. Smith corralled the ball, and the Cavs pushed it up the court. Several members of the Warriors signaled for a goaltending call that never came. Javie: “I think replay review is excellent because of the fact that it helps you. It’s a tool to get plays right. There’s no doubt about it. Believe me, as you well know, every player who takes a shot wants to make a shot. Every referee who blows the whistle wants to make a right call. So, when there’s a tool to help you, it’s great to have at your disposal so you can use it. Now, in this situation, the only way they could have used replay review is if they blew the whistle and called it a goaltend because by rule, in order to use replay review on a goaltending or basket interference, you must blow the whistle and call it either goaltending or basket interference. By not blowing the whistle, they couldn’t go back to review it.”
Storyline: Officiating Complaints
“They don’t think they ever foul, and they think they always are fouled,” said former referee Steve Javie, who retired in 2011 but remains close to the game. From a referee’s perspective, the Clippers are a team “you don’t want to see at the end of a road trip,” Javie said. “You’re tired, and ‘Oh, I don’t want to listen to them.'”
Former NBA referee Steve Javie took part in ABC’s telecast of Sunday’s game between the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers, and gave his view on one of the long-standing perceptions of the league: superstars get too many calls. Simply put, Javie doesn’t believe that’s true. “I’d like to hear what Kobe Bryant and LeBron James say, if they get to the line enough,” Javie said to fellow ESPN commentators Mike Breen and Jeff Van Gundy. “I’m sure they’d say they don’t get to the line enough. There’s one thing: we can’t keep notepads and sit there and say, ‘Well, this superstar has gotten this call, and we’ve gotta elevate this player to the superstar level.’ We just go out there and try to get the plays right.”