Steve Kauffman Rumors

“The direct translation is ‘bee,’” Spander says. Further, the prophet Deborah appears in the book of Judges, and is the only female judge mentioned in the Bible. She is said to have prophesied a great battle, but Spander provides Jamison with a simpler summary: “Deborah was a tough chick.” Her client laughs, stretching a pearly smile. “Well, that makes sense, because you get s— done,” Jamison replies. Among other responsibilities, Spander represents coaches and front office executives for Wasserman. Just like her namesake, she is the only female in that sect of the NBA industry, competing with the fabled likes of Lonnie Cooper, Warren LeGarie and Steve Kauffman. reported Wednesday that Jeff Hornacek, through his agent, declined to meet with Iowa State about its coaching vacancy. However, Steve Kauffman, who represents Hornacek, called the story “simply inaccurate” on an attached message board. A source confirmed to that Kauffman is the actual poster. Subsequent to his initial post, Kauffman posted this: “[Iowa State officials] knew they had to request permission in a certain manner from the Phoenix Suns. I do not wish to allocate the blame as to the parties at fault here. But it’s a shame.”